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Introducing Birthing Suites

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Country Midwife, LLC offers a modestly furnished birthing room above the midwife’s house for those who wish to come here for birth.

Most home birth families opt to be in their own homes, but for some, it is safe or comforting to stay close to the midwife in the hours surrounding birth.

Your wishes, circumstances and safety will serve as the guiding principles for deciding where to give birth.

Occasionally we may suggest that you have the baby here due to specific conditions or situations.

Some examples of when to consider having the baby here:

  • Rural families planning VBAC
  • Families due during harsh winter weather conditions
  • Those who live in very remote areas
  • Midwife has multiple families due at one time or families live in opposite directions
  • Your living quarters are not private enough or somehow unsafe for birth
  • Variations of pregnancy or labor which are within the realm of home birth, but have increased possibility of transport

We are located less than a mile from emergency medical services and two hospitals.

Author: oakgrovemidwife

Licensed midwife actively practicing since 1992, serving the Green Bay, Wisconsin and northeastern Wisconsin region. Specializing in home birth. Studied at University of Wisconsin Green Bay, earning BA in 1993. Listening actively, hearing and responding appropriately are foremost priorities; communication and understanding is built or broken by the level of mindfulness in conversations.

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