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Please Call First

We learned that sometimes, people spend a fair amount of time searching our Facebook pages and websites for a way to send an instant message or email… eventually settling on a phone call to


Please Call First

the office number which is listed on all OGM webpages and other literature.

As a matter of policy, OGM does not accept Facebook messages, text messages or emails and we ask that your first line of contact be by an old-fashioned phone call.
“Phone call?” you might ask. Yes, a phone call!
In our effort to keep your protected health information private, we do not discuss anything about you or your health matters by electronic means, except for what is communicated inside of our secure, electronic health record system, which is not accessible to you until after you have become a client.
It might feel like a hassle to make that phone call, especially when it is so easy to type up a message with many details that can be copied and sent to other practices as you search for the right care team. But the details that people tend to share with our practice are very intimate; often they involve not only their own medical experiences, but details of their children’s births. Parents and health practitioners are responsible to keep those details out of public forums; social media is a public forum. Facebook, Email and instant messaging are easily hacked.
So we ask you to please call us; we love to listen to all your questions and concerns! We love hearing your voice, and beginning a relationship with you that is built on trust, understanding and security.
Thank you so much for understanding